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“I absolutely loved the boxing workout. I can’t wait to learn more and continue! I’ve always wanted to try boxing and now I know why. It’s so much fun. Tania is also fantastic! She’s so positive and what I really liked about the session was the mobility work we did at the beginning. I have problems with my ciatic nerve usually, but we addressed it right away. Great experience.”
Joanna L., Accountant
“I really enjoy the sessions with Justin and I get a lot out of them. I feel at ease and very comfortable working with him. He's very knowledgable and always factors in my health concerns. I know he'll keep me motivated and I can't wait to continue."
Hannah N., Student
“The training is definitely 5 stars! Andrew has been really great. I'm really happy with the workouts and can't wait to continue. Good exercises, good level of resistance and well targeted.”
Alex L., Account Manager
“Flex offers a ton of flexibility to accomodate busy schedules. Everyone is a pleasure to speak to and train with. I'm really impressed with how quickly they respond to and accomodate the needs of their clients. I brought my friend to one of our sessions and she absolutely loved it too."
Nike C., Government of Ontario
“Session was great. 5/5 Stars. Look forward to continuing!”
Sahar M., Beautician
“The sessions with Justin have been great. He's very knowledgable and flexible with my busy schedule.”
Carleigh M., Branch Manager
“The sessions with Rich have been so fun! I love incorporating Muay Thai into my workouts each week!”
Tessah D., Server
“I'm really enjoying my workouts with Jordana. She quickly assessed my fitness level and is training me accordingly."
Palma C.
“Rich has been a pleasure to work with. He quickly identified my imbalances and has allowed me to have killer workouts that are safe for me."
Bonnie W.
“The workouts have been great! I hate going to gyms and having a trainer come to me is the best alternative. The trainer is great, manages to make excellent use of a small amount of space.”
Robby S., Lab Manager
“The sessions with Alex have been fantastic. I'm really enjoying the workouts!”
Rhidima, Management Consultant
“I'm loving the results! I do 4 sessions a week and I never get bored.”
Robert K., Entrepreneur
“I bought a 50-pack and I'm loving it. I love how the trainer incorporates boxing into my personal training sessions.”
Mary F., Studio Production Manager
“The sessions are really great! My wife and I really enjoy working with Alex. Five star workouts for sure.”
Hussein, Director (Strategy)
“My sessions with Rob have been fantastic! Perfect full-body workout for my fitness level. I'm raving about the service to my co-workers and friends.”
Melanie F., Accountant
“I really enjoy the sessions and would rate the service 5 stars. I love the app and the training. I train 3-4 times a week now. It's great.”
Karina N., Student
“Andrew’s personality and demeanour is what sets him apart. He’s extremely personable and his workouts are fun and effective. Everyone loves working with him.”
Aneela, Engineer
“Justin is the perfect trainer! I look forward to continuing to work with him to put on lean muscle mass.”
Berk K., Student
“My wife and sister love AJ's cool and calm approach. The sessions are fun and dynamic and no two sessions are ever the same!”
Gurjot L.
“My friend and I have been working out with Andrew for a few months now. We look forward to our workouts each week!”
Leen B.
“I would rate my experience with Flex 5 stars, and my experience with Andrew the same. He's an absolute pleasure to work with. He has a ton of boxing and MMA experience and is always on time and professional. I look forward to future sessions.”
Chad H., Finance Associate
“Gloria was great! The session was very well thought out. There were a lot of different levels of fitness in the group, so it was great to see everyone able to participate. We were able to improve our form and mobility in just one session!”
Melanie C., Senior Accountant
“My sessions with Rich have been great. His patient and calm demeanour has allowed me to progress with kickboxing over the past five months. I look forward to continuing and improving.”
Robbie D., Senior Associate
“My instructor is very cheerful and personable. He keeps motivating me throughout the sessions, which makes the time fly by despite the difficulty of the workouts! I will definitely recommend Flex's services to my colleagues.”
Wajeeha R., Finance Manager
“The sessions have been great. Rich's kickboxing classes are great.”
Kevin L., Sales
“My husband and I really enjoy our workouts. We've been thoroughly impressed by the service!"
Sue F., Business Owner
“The session was great! Justin is terrific. Very helpful and knowledgable."
Erica K., Teacher
“I've been working with Martin for three months now and am feeling great! The sessions have been super helpful.”
Diane L., Therapist
"Justin is an excellent trainer. Always professional and employs prompt communications of appointments. His knowledge of fascial therapy adds a great dimension to personal training. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”
Cindi M.

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